Deerma RZ100 Constant Humidity Distillation Humidifier 2.3L 5 Gear Spray Volume 99% Sterilization


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Main Features

● 99 Sterilization Using the principle of thermal distillation to produce water mist high temperature sterilization the sterilization rate reaches 99
● Distilled Mist Without White Powder Impurities Most of the calcium ions settle during the heating process and the impurities in the water will not be inhaled by the human body following the heated water mist
● Large Range Humidification Following the principle of heat rise and cold fall the water molecules of the hot mist are easily dispersed to a distance
● Dispel Dryness The water is heated and vaporized to produce high temperature atomization and relieve the dry environment
● Relieve Dry Skin Nano sized water molecules easily penetrate deep into the skin and moisturize the skin
● One Button Smart Humidity Select the intelligent constant humidity function maintains it at a comfortable humidity of 60 RH for the human body
● 5 Gear Spray Volume The spray volume varies from small to large adapting to different humidification needs
● Top Add Water Design The humidifier can be top add water no need to move the water tank and then turn over to add water
● 2 3L Capacity The humidification capacity of 2 3L is equivalent to 9 bottles of 250ml mineral water ensuring the freshness of the humidification water source
● Water Shortage Safety Protection The sensitive water level monitor inside the humidifier checks the water level at all times Automatically stop working when lack of water Specification

● Safety Mark 110031-00