Deerma QJ100 Three-Piece Household Set Cleaning Kit (Broom/Sponge Mop/Glass Squeegee)


Don't forget these...

  • Three - sweep and drag suit, sweep and drag and wipe, household cleaning multitasker, 3 big cleaning head equipped, clean the whole house dirty.
  • 3 big cleaning heads, buckle disassembly, flexible switch clean the whole house.
  • Three layers of encrypted bristles, soft and do not hurt the floor, a sweep without omission.
  • Dustpan with comb teeth, hair shaved, no hand drag simple hygiene.
  • The hands-free mop is soft when soaked in water and does not dirty hands after a pull and squeeze.
  • Dual purpose wiper, wipe the front and dry the back, clean and leave no imprint.
  • Small and easy to receive, magnetic absorption stable storage, folding standing space.
  • Product name:
  • Household cleaning kit
  • Product model: QJ100
  • Material: PP, ABS
  • Product size:
  • Broom (230*30*896mm)
  • Mop (350*50*1287mm)
  • Dustpan (237*325*831mm)
  • Wiper (300*60* 911mm)
  • Packing list:
  • Mop assembly, window washer assembly, broom assembly, winnowing assembly, dustpan upper rod, dustpan lower rod, upper round tube + outer casing, upper round tube + outer casing, lower round tube X2, rubber cotton assembly, instruction manual