Deerma CS90M Mini Dehumidifier Reduce Air Humidity Moisture Absorption, White


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  • Main Feature


  • No Consumables: Recyclable dehumidification without consumables, environmental protection.
  • 360°Comprehensive Moisture Absorption: 360° comprehensive moisture absorption, wet and dry visualization window, suitable for multiple spaces.
  • PTC Heating Drying: Recyclable, PTC heating and drying.
  • Long Lasting Moisture Absorption: 600g large-capacity dehumidification particles, only need to heat and dry for 12-15h, it can last 2-3 weeks all-weather moisture absorption.
  • Wet & Dry Visualization Window: Transparent visualization window, dry and wet state at a glance, magic moisture absorption beads can automatically change color when wet, orange beads absorb water and change dark green.
  • Multi-space Application: Deerma Mini Dehumidifier uses a cylindrical body, dense dehumidification hole 360 ° large area around the fuselage, increasing the moisture absorption area, 385m2 wide range improves the efficiency of moisture absorption.


Brand: Deerma ( XIAOMI Cooperation Brand ) 

Model: DEM-CS50M

Color: White

Material: ABS Flame Retardant Material

Rated voltage / frequency: 220V - 50Hz

Power: 20W

Hygroscopic Particles Color: Orange (Dry), Dark Green (Wet)

This product is suitable for space with area ≤5m2


China Plug (We will send you an adapter for Singapore 3 Pin)


Product weight: 0.6000 kg
Package weight: 0.8000 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 7.50 x 7.50 x 20.60 cm / 2.95 x 2.95 x 8.11 inches
Package size (L x W x H): 7.70 x 7.50 x 20.60 cm / 3.03 x 2.95 x 8.11 inches

Package Contents

1 x Dehumidifier
1 x Power Cord


What does the warranty cover?

The warranty covers the replacement of your purchase if it is found to be defective due to faulty materials or workmanship within the guarantee period.

If any part is no longer available, a functional replacement part will be replaced.


What does the warranty NOT cover?

  1. Normal wear and tear, including parts that might wear out over time (e.g. fuse, belt, brush bar, batteries, filters etc.).
  2. Accidental damage
  3. Damage as a result of use not in accordance with the rating plate.
  4. Damage caused by not carrying out the recommended appliance maintenance.
  5. Removal of blockages. If your machine becomes blocked, please refer to the customer service contact for solutions.
  6. Damage from external sources such as transit, weather, electrical outages or power surges.
  7. Failures caused by circumstances outside of Deerma’s control
  8. Faults caused by:
  9. Negligent use, misuse, neglect or careless operation of the machine;
  10. Not follow the Operating Manual Instruction
  11. Use of parts not assembled or installed in accordance with the instructions.
  12. Use of parts and accessories which are not Deerma’s authentic products.
  13. Faulty assembly or installation
  14. Repairs or alterations carried out by other

Terms & Conditions Of The Warranty

  1. The warranty becomes effective at the date of purchase.
  2. You must provide proof of purchase for the warranty. Please be informed that without this proof, you are unable to claim the warranty.
  3. All processes will be conducted by Deerma’s specialist.
  4. The replacement of your item under warranty will not extend the period of the warranty.


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