Deerma TB500 Water Spray Mop Carbon Fiber Dust Collector 360° Rotating 350ml Tank Waxing Mop


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  1. Main Features:

    • Add disinfectant water, simultaneous sterilization: The water spray mop can add disinfectant diluted with clean water to the water tank to eliminate bacteria and viruses and protect family health
    • Independent spray disinfection and cleaning, no secondary pollution: Add disinfectant water to the water tank of the spray mop, spray it lightly, disinfect first and then clean, each time it is sprayed and disinfected separately.
    • Quick-drying, no need to wait: Drag while spraying, just drag and dry, don't need to wait, let the troublemakers run around the house safely.
    • ≤2mL fine mist and slightly wet cleaning: The polymer spray pump body is finely atomized in 0.1 seconds, and the water output is strictly controlled at 1.7mL-2mL each time. Just the right degree of dampness, it will dry instantly after dragging, let the floor bid farewell to the trouble of damp and mildew.
    • 95cm wide spray area: By adjusting the mop rod, the spray can be pressed as far as 95cm to form a fine, wide and even fan-shaped spray area with a wider range, saving time and worry for cleaning, which is just right for you who love to be lazy.
    • It weighs only 0.75kg, even girls can lift it easily: It is only 0.75kg light, equivalent to the weight of 3 apples. Thin girls can also lift it easily, cleaning the whole house to reduce fatigue
    • 35L portable water tank: Water spray mop with 350ml water tank, no need to walk repeatedly while spraying and mopping, only need to add water once, 100㎡ cleaning is easy to get
    • Carbon fiber dust lock mop: In the mop, fine fibers and carbon fibers are mixed and woven, and the hook-shaped fiber filaments can hook small dust particles and penetrate into the gaps between tiles to achieve detailed cleaning, which is comparable to the cleaning effect of manual cleaning with a rag.
    • 3-fold check, decontamination is easy: Adhesive layer: Let the cleaning cloth and the mop be firmly bonded, allowing you to load and unload easily, not easy to fall off; Absorbent layer: absorb and store water, keep the cleaning cloth slightly damp, decontaminate and save effort; Decontamination layer: It absorbs dust and garbage, is resistant to friction, and the fiber ends lock the dust, which has good decontamination power.
    • Mop that can turn 360°: The mop rod that can rotate 360° can easily handle corners when encountering difficult-to-clean corners such as chair legs and corners. With a slim mop head of only 0.1cm and a slim connection structure of only 3cm, it can flexibly drill into the bottom of sofas, coffee tables, and beds for deep cleaning.
    • 2m lengthened mop rod, clean high and low places, switch as you like: Small girls can clean the bathroom tile walls by lifting a mop; tall boys can wipe deeper corners of the sofa without bending over and strenuously.
    • Comfortable handle: ABS material gives you a good grip.
    • Steel Mop Rod: Anti-falling and wear-resistant, falling many times, still like new.
    • Easy to install water tank: Load and unload the water tank in 1 second, saving time and effort.
    • Cleaning + maintenance: You can add essential oils, detergents, disinfectants, etc. to the water tank to clean, wax, and maintain the floor with multiple goals. Whether it's wet mopping and floating dust, or dry mopping baby's overturned meals, or dirty shoe prints on rainy days, it can complete the cleaning task well.









    Brand: Deerma
    Model: TB500
    Color: White
    Shell Material: ABS/PP

    Handlebar Material: Steel Pipe
    Mop Material Carbon: Fiber Cotton
    Water Storage Capacity: 350ml
    Washing Surface on the filling: 100m2

    Washer Range: 95cm

    Mop Rotation Angle: 360 degrees




    Product Weight: 0.75kg 
    Product Size: 35.50 x 12.00 x 124.00cm




    Package Contents:


    1 x Spray Mop

    1 x Cleaning Cloth

    1 x Water Tank

    1 x Manual



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    5. Faulty assembly or installation
    6. Repairs or alterations carried out by other parties.


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