Deerma F628S Smart Humidifier 5L UV Lamp Sterilization 3 Gear 12H Timing Touch Display Low Noise, White


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Main Features:


  • Integrated deep purification waterway: The inside of the humidifier is an integrated one-way waterway with an upgraded ultraviolet UV lamp tube. After the water source enters the base, it will first enter the UV lamp irradiation area along the integrated waterway for 360° purification, and then flow to the atomization area. Ensure that the water mist is clean and fresh so that you can humidify.
  • UV purification magic: The humidifier adopts UV lamp ultraviolet radiation to purify the humidifying water source, physical purification without chemical pollution. Humidification with pure and pollution-free water can provide a healthy and moist environment for the family.
  • Clear environment screen temperature/humidity display: In order to let us know the temperature/humidity status at any time, the large digital screen of the humidifier digitizes our fuzzy feeling of the environment, clearly shows the current temperature and humidity, and the current mode, so that we can humidify in a targeted manner.
  • Light tone dark screen: During the day or night, it always humidifies quietly and does not disturb your work and life. 30dB quiet operation, liberating your sensitive ears. When resting at night, press and hold the timer button for about 3 seconds, and the display will go out without dazzling light, which will guard your sleep all night.
  • 12h long timing: No matter if you are exercising during the day, reading a book, watching dramas, or resting at night, the 12-hour long time schedule allows you to book the time as you wish, and humidification knows how to accommodate your schedule. When the time comes, it will automatically shut down and power off, to prevent forgetting to shut down and cause waste.
  • 3 gears mist volume: Humidification should be as you want, 3 gears mist volume are optional, you can adjust it according to different environments and personal needs. The switch key is also the fog volume adjustment key, which can be adjusted on-demand with a single tap, so that the abundance of mist can nourish your small world
  • 5L massive water storage: The figure is small and does not take up space, but the "belly volume" is not small, with a large capacity of 5L, which is equivalent to the capacity of 20 bottles of 250mL mineral water. Adding water can give you a whole day of hydration. The transparent water gauge can directly observe the remaining water volume and easily control the timing of adding water.
  • 300mL/h micron mist: The high-frequency oscillation of ultrasonic waves of 1.7 million times per second atomizes the water into 1~5μm particles. The water molecules reach the basal layer and moisturize the pores. The turbo fan sends out the source of water mist, uniform and high mist, nourishing every corner of the home
  • Aromatherapy × humidification, double enjoyment: Not only is it a humidifier on your desk, it can also be transformed into your aroma diffuser. The interior is equipped with a small aromatherapy box, drip your favorite essential oils to enjoy the fragrance. After a day's work, turn on the humidifier, enjoy the fragrance of the room, and relax.


Brand: Deerma
Model: F268S
Material: HIPS
Water Capacity: 5L
Noise:  ≤ 30dB
Power: 25W
Voltage: 220V
Frequency: 50Hz
Working Time: 12 Hours Timing
Operation Mode: Ultrasonic
Amount of Fog: 300ml
Safe Protection: Water Shortage & Power Failure Protection


Product weight: 1.1000 kg
Package weight: 1.5800 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 18.70 x 20.00 x 29.50 cm / 7.36 x 7.87 x 11.61 inches
Package size (L x W x H): 21.00 x 23.00 x 33.00 cm / 8.27 x 9.06 x 12.99 inches

Package Contents

Package Contents: 1 x Humidifier, 1 x Chinese Manual


What does the warranty cover?

The warranty covers the replacement of your purchase if it is found to be defective due to faulty materials or workmanship within the guarantee period.

If any part is no longer available, a functional replacement part will be replaced.

What does the warranty NOT cover?

  1. Normal wear and tear, including parts that might wear out over time (e.g. fuse, belt, brush bar, batteries, filters etc.).
  2. Accidental damage
  3. Damage as a result of use not in accordance with the rating plate.
  4. Damage caused by not carrying out the recommended appliance maintenance.
  5. Removal of blockages. If your machine becomes blocked, please refer to the customer service contact for solutions.
  6. Damage from external sources such as transit, weather, electrical outages or power surges.
  7. Failures caused by circumstances outside of Deerma’s control
  8. Faults caused by:
  9. Negligent use, misuse, neglect or careless operation of the machine;
  10. Not follow the Operating Manual Instruction
  11. Use of parts not assembled or installed in accordance with the instructions.
  12. Use of parts and accessories which are not Deerma’s authentic products.
  13. Faulty assembly or installation
  14. Repairs or alterations carried out by parties other parties.

Terms & Conditions Of The Warranty

  1. The warranty becomes effective at the date of purchase.
  2. You must provide proof of purchase for the warranty. Please be informed that without this proof, you are unable to claim the warranty.
  3. All process will be conducted by Deerma’s specialist.
  4. The replacement of your item under warranty will not extend the period of the warranty


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