About Us

Deerma, provide you with a satisfactory product. Let's enjoy the product.

And wish you have a good life.

Deerma is a professional electrical appliance brand from China.

Since the establishment in 2011, Deerma has achieved annual sales growth for 7 consecutive years.

From 2016, Deerma has expanded the global market, strives to be the leading enterprise of manufacturer and top brand of global humidifier.



"Design should not be a luxury, but a necessity of life." It's Deerma's brand mission. Deerma has been committed to providing users with a more comfortable quality of life.


Deerma's brand mission has dual significance.


One is that "design is not a luxury item", which means that product design should be more closely linked to life and maks life more convenient and simple.


Secondly, "Design is the necessities of life" is Deerma's brand concept. Necessities must be high quality and reasonable price. Therefore, Deerma has been insisting on the integration of independent research, production and marketing. We minimize intermediate links, reducing and controlling costs, strictly controlling product quality, so that more users can enjoy high